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Welcome To The 
"Study To Win" website.  We are making every effort we can to help our youth get back in the habit of studying.              We're  also determined to make this the best website ever for online resources and great stuff for the kids and their parents too. The internet is just another tool among so many that we use to help us reach our kids.  
Please feel free to jump right on in and share whatever resources or knowledge you have.  Then, tell your friends & family about this site. Again, we welcome you and appreciate you stopping by today.  We're looking forward to you coming back really soon.
Note To Parents  

Dear Parents, we would like to encourage you to use the internet as another tool in helping your children to learn about the world they are living in.  It still boggles my mind today trying to understand why so many children are so far behind when they have the greatest resources at their finger tips.  We don’t have to be ignorant.  The internet is a powerful weapon against ignorance.  Take every necessary precaution to protect your children while online, but don’t be afraid to explore the benefits and all the good that the internet has to offer.

Please click on the link below to some very good educational websites I used when homeschooling my two children.  Have fun and be blessed!

Lady Pearl

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Educational & Fun Learning Websites 
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