Note to Parents: 

Dear Parents, we would like to encourage you to use the internet as another tool in helping your children to learn about the world they are living in.  It still boggles my mind today trying to understand why so many children are so far behind when they have the greatest resources at their finger tips.  We don’t have to be ignorant.  The internet is a powerful weapon against ignorance.  Take every necessary precaution to protect your children while online, but don’t be afraid to explore the benefits and all the good that the internet has to offer.

Please click on the link below to some very good education websites.  Utilize them daily!   Be blessed!

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We find that children so often times are being raised by the television especially when their parents are at work.  Over the years, parents have used television to baby-sit their children. This has caused our children to loose much of their smarts and creativity.  Not only are children watching television instead of reading/studying, they tend to watch programming that’s geared more towards an adult audience when their parents aren’t looking.