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It was in the year 2008 when I realized I had such a passion for radio.  By June of  2008,  I had so much information I wanted to get out to the kids, parents, and the community concerning the kids education and how important it was to begin doing every thing in our power to get kids back to studying, starting
with getting rid of all the distractions.  So we took "Study To Win" to our local radio station and began broadcasting live.  We had a ball!  We learned so much!  By mid 2009 while broadcasting at our second local radio station, we discovered online talk radio, so was birthed - In March 2009, "Study To Win" went global.  Wow, we've come a long way.  Such humble beginnings.  Well, in 2010 we were so busy working in the community we barly stopped to broadcast online, but we have been constantly working to get the best information and resources to our kids, parents, and our communities. Oh, did I tell you we still have so much work to do?  Amazing enough, we're still here.  Now that's what I call DETERMINATION!  Our kids are worth it.  Don't you agree?
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