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More and more our youth are getting involved in gangs, quitting school, using drugs, committing suicide, getting shot in the head, or going to jail.  This generation of young people need all responsible hands on deck!  What role will you play in helping our young people get focused, motivated, and be all that God has created them to be?  Try turning the television off and spending time with your family, your kids, maybe a neighbor who need to see your friendly face every now and then!  Yes, there are other things you can do while the television is off.  I suggest in these tough times, find something that’s a little more creative to do than sitting glued in front of the big screen.  How much effort does it take to sit in front of a television screen?  Will somebody hand me the remotes please?
The more we talk about why our children are failing in school and all the major distractions, we begin to take a hard look at how television has greatly influenced our youth.  Yes, we can pull some positives out of watching television but overall the effects of watching television can be very negative.

Study To Win kicked off its “Turn The Television Off” campaign, January 25, 2009. Well, it's April 2011 and we're at it again.  Well, I guess we can say that television is still on our list of major distractions.

We find that children so often times are being raised by the television especially when their parents are at work.  Over the years, parents have used television to babysit their children.  This has caused our children to lose much of their smarts and creativity.  Not only are children watching television instead of reading/studying, they tend to watch programming that's geared more towards an adult audience when their parents aren't looking. 
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It may be only be a few of us who remembers what it was like before cable tv entered the home with around the clock programming, hundreds of channels, thousands of commercials and so much more of the stuff mama and daddy wouldn't dare let us watch on tv
back then because remember "back then" there was a such thing as "for grown ups only" and "for children only!"  More violence, more sex, more profanity, more, more, more!

Can you handle turning your televisions off 7 days a month? Try it!  Let us know how it works out for you and your family! We're looking forward to hearing your testimonies!
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